Stocking Lingerie

We just can't picture Betty Grable lazing around in between takes like modern movie stars do, in Ugg boots and tracksuits, whether they had been invented back then or not! As the fabulous Dita von Teese proclaimed, "Sweat pants (at least spiritually), chafe me." Well, they chafe our customers too, it seems, which has lead to countless requests for glamorous vintage style loungewear! We based this decadent full-length gown on a vintage pattern, and the resulting design is one of timeless elegance. Made from rich, black satin, the bracelet length sleeves are finished in contrasting cream lace, and the vintage-style collar frames the face and decolletage beautifully. It's cut to nip in slightly at the waist, and flare out gently towards the floor, unlike modern dressing gowns which are usually straight up and down affairs. We challenge anyone to slip on a Hollywood gown and not feel like a movie star!