Sterling Silver Jewelry

Circular Shape CZ Earring With Heart On Bottom - Pretty girls have the right to wear pretty earrings, and these earrings are just the pick for her! Made out of silver cubic zirconia these little gems are circle in shape and have a flat face with little studs on the surface, but that is not all my fellow Cali Gali lovers, there is more to this ( I know, it's so exciting right?). Towards the bottom of the circle is a small heart. The inside part of the heart is hallow, but the border of the heart is lined with silver, giving it a very elegant look. Cali Gali, as said before, loves pretty things, and these little earrings are perfect for any occasion, because, well.... they are just too pretty not to be worn out in public. The back of the earring consists of a long silver post with a silver bullet back, so that your pretty little earrings never stray!