Stencil Diy

Pack of 8 petite stencils for plastering themed art just about anywhere! Just position your stencil in place and use markers or paint (any type that works with the surface you're using) with a brush or small roller. Please note, stencil designs are copyrighted - therefore, you cannot sell any items that you create using stencil images. Made in the USA by Stencil 1. Spot clean. * Sheet: 8.5"w, 11"h * Each stencil: Approx 4"w, 2.75"h * Mylar * Web exclusive
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    Try out some beautiful Henna skin decorations with the 'natural' Henna paste and stencils in this kit - and try out your own designs too. Henna tattoos look fabulous and with the special henna oil applied, can last up to 7 days. The henna paste is made with natural ingredients that wash off safely and easily.

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    this is my own site!! i just posted a new mardi gras themed "home" clock, following quickly on the heels of my black and gold series of "home" and "nola heart" clocks, in celebration of our Saints football team... check out all the rest of my clocks on my site!

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    Stencil any surface you can paint!!! These stencils can be used to paint t-shirts, paper, wood, walls and more. Careful cleaning and drying of your stencils will enable them to be used again and again. The stencils are cut from mylar (polyethylene). They are extremely durable and with proper care and handling they will last years. Customize just about anything!

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    Ginko Stencil which I think would make a lovely pattern for a stenciled floorcloth