The Mini Martini Chillers are the most stylish miniature drinking vessels you will ever get your hot little hands on. This four-piece set, made up of two cones and two cubes, is the perfect presentational device for any cordial or cocktail.
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    The hottest design in wine glasses is a long-standing tradition in Europe. The shape of the clear glass bowls is designed to release the most authentic bouquet and flavor of red or white varietals. Matching decanter allows you to aerate and pour with a refined flourish at the table or home bar. Dishwasher safe. Set includes four 17 oz. wine glasses and one 60 oz. decanter. Set of 5 total.

  • 110 months ago Southmoonunder »

    From the Riedel "Happy O" series, these stemless wine glasses will make your wine drinking experience even more fun! Four glasses each have their own special splash of color including spring green, baby blue, easter yellow and dawn red. Lead-free. Shaped to enhance the flavor of your choice wines. Set of 4. Holds 11 1/8 ounce.

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    The perfect gift for your closest friend or co-worker! The Riedel “O” wine tumbler features 4 stemless 8 oz. glasses. Pre-packaged in a cylinder for safe keeping, you won’t even need to worry about wrapping it!

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    The Hula glasses are stemless and have a rounded bottom, giving a playful spin to your beverage. Comes as a set of 4 with one of each HOT color in a great giftbox.

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    Normann Set of 2 stemless glass cognac glasses. 2004.The Cognac glass is a beautiful combination of function and pure pleasure. Its a glass conceived to consider bouquet, temperature and volume. It provokes pleasure and increases the experience of intimacy, when drinking cognac. The shape of the glass increases the pleasure of the deep color and movement of the liquid. Intimacy, collection of thoughts, absorption and pleasure is completed. Care: Hand Wash Only Designer: Rikke Hagen, Usually Ships: Next Business Day $50.00

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    These glasses are gorgeous AND functional thanks to maker Riedel, the fantastic maker of, in my opinion, the best stemware on the market. What better way to make wine drinking pretty and fun?

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    Seasons bright with the blue snowflake rendition of Wine Enthusiast's signature "U" stemless wine glasses. The "U" stemless Cabernet / Merlot wine glasses are designed and fine tuned to bring out the best flavors of Cabernet and Merlot. Mouth-blown of quality lead free crystal, the Red Holiday Star version features a blue hued wine glass decorated with clear frosted etched snowflakes. These holiday wine tumblers are lovely when holding flickering tea light candles, too. Also available in Red Holiday Star. Sold as set of 2.