Steel Green

The Soji Modern Solar Lantern makes for some chic solar lighting on the playa. Modern design meets sustainable lighting in a layered wave-like form. Unique, portable, efficient and helps you avoid cords that can easily be tripped over. The Soji Modern Solar Lantern turns itself on at dusk to cast a stunning golden glow for the early hours of the night. All lanterns are equipped with two high powered Amber LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hardware. Beautiful Soji Modern Solar Lanterns are hand formed from durable plastic and charge in daylight. Perfect for anywhere in your yard or garden, or use for special events like weddings. This classy design turns on automatically at dusk and . - 9" x 9" - Hard plastic - Available in Mineral Motif, Pearl Motif, or Pure White - Runs for 4-6 hours after sundown - AAA rechargeable battery included - Comes fully assembled