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This eyecatching porcelain container will seamlessly fit into your garden or bring more of the garden into your home. Blades of grass are printed on the exterior. The interior is white. No drain hole.
  • Twice as large as the original Eggling, the Jumbo is available in the same easy-to-grow plants and packaging. The plants grow a little bigger in a Jumbo Eggling meaning there is both more Eggling and plant to enjoy and adore.

  • The very first rubber characters that actually grow naturally. Contradictory? Perhaps. But contradictions breed creativity. Go and get the experience. See what happens. Compostable. Made of Latex. Each plant me pet has seeds for eyes, simply pot your plant me pet upside down in a container and watch it grow (along with watching its legs stick out). Choose from pumpkin,tomato or melon.