50 Pack of Orange Sponge Board (Medium/Medium) extra thick cushion nail files specially designed for professionals or home use. Available in fun, vibrant hues. These are the original Sponge Boards that are manufactured in the USA. Product Features Perfect for gel systems Won't crack, break or show uneven discoloration from UV rays Made with no paper backing - the abrasive is applied directly to the foam to prevent clients from receiving cuticle paper cuts Easy to grip for reduced hand fatigue, bend to your needs Washable, Sanitizable & Disinfectable Grit: Acts like 180 grit Size: 7″ x ¾″ Durable and long lasting Made in USA Cleaning Instructions Put Sponge Board under running water and brush the grit surfaces lightly. Can be immersed for hours in water or sanitizing solutions. Pat dry and allow to air dry for 24 hours before re-use. Be sure to check with your local, state and federal regulations regarding proper sanitation laws if using this product in a salon. Grit Guide Foam Color Acts like Desc Blue 240 grit Fine Orange 180 grit Medium Purple 100 grit Coarse Bath and body