Spice Gadget Canisters

This 12-canister spice rack mounts on the wall or stands on your countertop so your spices are always right at your fingertips. The magnetic rack has a folding arm on the back that can be extended so the rack stands upright. The round canisters have magnets on the back that attach themselves to the magnetic spice rack. The canisters have twist-off lids with plastic windows; you can also rotate the lids left or right, aligning up the grooves on the lids and canisters so you can sprinkle your favorite spices without opening the lids. Spices (paprika, garlic and pepper, chicken and meat seasoning, steak and burger seasoning, salad seasoning, seafood seasoning, cajun seasoning, fish seasoning, barbecue seasoning, celery salt, onion salt, sea salt, season salt, garlic salt and cinnamon sugar) are included with your magnetic spice rack. 1-sheet of jar labels are included.