Aesa Stella Spectra Necklace / Magical piece with quartz that has a quality of infinity / This is one of our favorites from Aesa this season / Spectral quartz / Diamond / 32" gold vermeil chain
  • 123 months ago Zerotoys »

    The Spectra LightWand makes an amazing trail of circular color by simply turning on the light tube and spinning it. Our brain retaines a visual impression for about 1/30th of a second which is a phenomenon called persistence of vision. When you spin the LightWand fast your brain holds the image long enough to give you the illusion of continuous changing circular multie colord light patterns.

  • 125 months ago Dynomighty »

    The alluring color of the Spectra series were designed by French Artist Ingrid Kelleman, wife of Terrence Kelleman. Ingrid's colors bring beauty and sophistication to complement and adorn your own world of color.