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    We sell slow cooker from various brands and also crockpot slow cooker, slow cooker recipes, slow cooker pork recipes, slow cooker roast recipes, and slow cooker soup recipes.

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    Hey check out Lunch Box it’s a great Glendale Mediterranean restaurant with the best ingredients, everything is freshly prepared when ordered. From sandwiches, to pizzas, even some cool salads too; all fast, and delicious, check it out today?

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    Sunday, our original shopping day, turned out to be a rainy mess. It was so horrible out we refused to step one foot out the door all day. Instead, by stroke of luck and irony, MTV decided to bless us with a Jersey Shore marathon. I had never seen the show before (secretly protesting it) and I instantly fell in love and completely understand the hype and appeal. This is such a guilty pleasure. Eventually, it was time to head out for dinner at PF Chengs. They had a special promotion going on (may be an ongoing deal?) that for 2 people and $40 you got 2 soups, 1 app, 2 entrees, 2 desserts. At this point we were 6 people and decided to split into 3 "couples". It worked out perfectly! The food is a more upscale, yet mainstream Americanized Chinese fare. I really enjoyed and would highly recommend the crab wonton, chicken lettuce wraps, honey shrimp (real stand out winner), and mongolian beef. We spent the rest of the night gambling and I sat at my first real poker table! It was really fun and such a great experience because though I lost, I now have the confidence to do it again (maybe with a little more money). The next day we finally had our chance to venture to the fantastic outlet shopping that Atlantic City offers. We got some amazing ridiculous deals at the Banana Republic. Prices at or below $10 for really cute shirts for me and jeans and boxers for the hubby at $40 and under $2 respectively. After shopping, we ventured to the famous sub shop Whitehouse Subs "since 1946". We got a regular steak sandwich and were amazed when they took out an ENTIRE Italian baguette (over 2 ft long). It hit the spot after a hard day of shopping ;) That concludes our three-part series of the Atlantic City Birthday Weekend. Until next time!

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    When we first arrived to Striphouse I immediately was excited to dine here. The decor is incredible! Plush red velour wall trimmings and sofas. Dark lit and romantic. We sat on the very comfortable plush couch as we waited for them to prepare our table and I looked over at my husband and said, "This, this here, is a place you come to eat MEAT!" The wait ended up being about 20 minutes but it was well worth it. Striphouse is a place where you can where a suit and tie and fit in or dress like a hipster. I did see more suits though, maybe that's standard for a Wednesday night? The service here is incredible. They are very well staffed and you couldn't drink more than an ounce of your water before someone came around to replenish it.

  • We all know about Rudolph and his red nose, but few ever hear of Testie and his empty sack. Why would somebody castrate a reindeer with his teeth? Click the link to find out

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    FREE SHIPPING Cast Iron Cast Iron Lid This is a 6 quart Bayou Classic soup bowl is made of cast iron and is perfect in size for making your favorite soups. This cast iron soup bowl can be used for other items beside soup. This cast iron soup bowl is big enough to meet your soup needs; it is the perfect size for any cooking lover. There is a handle that is attached on top of the cast iron lid. This soup bowl has a sleek design and is made to last. Take a moment to check out our other cast iron cookwear items!

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    FREE SHIPPING This soup bowl is made of cast iron and is perfect in size for heating up your favorite soup. This cast iron soup bowl can be use for other items beside soup. This cast iron soup bowl is not too big and not too small; it is the perfect size for your soup bowl needs. There is a sleek silver handle that is attached on each side of the cast iron soup bowl to help with picking it up. This soup bowl has a sleek design and is made to last. Take a moment to check out our other cast iron cookwear items!

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    Andy Warhol Tomato Soup Cans Culture | Food | On-off Andy Warhol is one of our favorite artists here at Uncrate, so we're thrilled to see this line of officially licensed Andy Warhol Campbell's Tomato Soup Cans ($12 each). Each one actually contains soup, and is covered with authentic reproductions of Warhol-designed labels, printed on high-quality paper and with Andy's signature on the side. A must-have for display in any modern kitchen.

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    A thermos flask blast from the past 17 cm high, 8 cm diameter Dishwasher safe Screw lid Keeps food warm (100 degree C) for 4 hours at room temp

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    please pour the soup into this plate. mountain range and a lake are completed. and the bottom of a lake appears when you eat the soup. please enjoy the taste, the landscape and topography of the plate. when you use it as a salad dish, it becomes a forest. you can create a landscape on your very own table.

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    Welcome to Maine's Pantry! Locally Made Products. Gift Baskets, Specialty Foods, Candy, Relish, Cookbooks, Gourmet Bags, Moose Bibs, Tea Infusers, Blackberry Lip Balm, Cinnamon Gooselips, Moose Bags, Lighthouse Cookie Cutters, Gift Bags, Calendars, Bar Harbor Hot Sauce, Cranberry Toad Sweat, Halifax Jerk

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    Gift baskets from Maine brimming with delicious specialty foods make great gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Maine farmers and cottage producers have been capturing the goodness of Maine in delicious specialty foods. Wild blueberry jam, maple syrup, stoneground mustard and dozens of other delights are made the old-fashioned way, from farmhouse recipes in small batches and under a discerning eye. Maine's Pantry seeks out these fine producers to bring you the best of Maine specialty foods.

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    These 2.5''Japanese noodle soup (Ramen) don't just look so real, they also bring you so much fun! Wind them up and watch they run around your house! Choose from fried shrimp tempura, meat with egg, beef, and pork with white soup.

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    An over-size ceramic cup and saucer - perfect for hot chocolate, soup, or indeed any comforting hot liquid!