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    Description:  Integrating the clean lines of the Mission Style with bamboo, a renewable resource, this soothing chime is sure to delight. 23 in. Overall Length Price: $32.95  

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    There is something mystical and soothing about sounding a gong. This Dharma Gong is attractive and can be hung either indoors or out. Handcrafted using traditional methods, bringing the ancient wonders of the Far East home. Materials: Natural black wash wood with bronze gong. 19” length.

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    The Happy Yogi is committed to serving body, mind and spirit with items to inspire yoga, meditation, health and inner peace. Located in the heart of Portland's Arts District, The Happy Yogi retail store offers a wide selection of Men's and Women's yoga/ fitness clothing, yoga mats and accessories, instructional DVD's, meditative music, books, soothing lighting, incense, candles, posters, devotional figurines from India and many other unique and inspirational gift items.

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    Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser This recently launched skin smoother is a fave among British beauty editors for its all-natural, high-quality, age-busting formula and relatively affordable price tag. Price: $58.50 for 50 ml Available at and (800) 515-5911. This rich, luxurious, fragrance-free moisturiser, contains a powerful blend of high quality naturally active ingredients to smooth, plump and replenish for healthy, youthful looking skin. Moisturiser helps prevent moisture loss and improves skin elasticity, whilst pomegranate fruit extract and natural source vitamin E, both rich in antioxidants, help protect from environmental damage. The amount of moisturisation your skin requires alters with age, environment and hormonal change. If your skin feels in need of extra nourishment use Superskin Concentrate at night-time. Either apply before or instead of Superskin Moisturiser.

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    Enjoy warming comfort and cooling relief with this soothing eye pillow. Filled with natural ingredients, it feels as good as it looks. Each style contains ingredients thought to provide therapeutic benefits and promote a balanced state of mind. Designed and handmade in San Francisco by Mette Vangso.

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    This salve is a great remedy for dry cuticles, chapped lips, scaly heels, rough elbows and hands, frizzy hair, and as a barrier cream against extreme weather conditions. It is made from 100-percent pure plant oils and waxes, echinacea, vitamin E, soothing lavender, softening rose hip, and moisturizing avocado. Made of pure plant oils and waxes, this ‘emergency’ balm is a softening, calming and restoring treatment for dry, chapped skin. Lips, nails and cuticles respond to its soothing touch, although it can be used almost anywhere. For best results warm Superbalm in the palms of your hands before applying to dry areas as and when needed.

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    With its rich and unique blend of moisturizers, honey and rice bran extract, After Tweeze Soothing Cream provides a solution to irritation and redness. Absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturize the skin and calm the brow area. Plus the soft application wand makes for easy, precise application.

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    Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy #ME828 Ultrasonic personal humidifier makes dry air healthier with cool, soothing mist vapor and eucalyptus aromatherapy. $79.95

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    A luxurious, pampering body balm that effectively conditions and moisturizes a baby's delicate skin. Gentle enough to be used daily, and ideal for after-bath. Lightly fragrance with a clean, fresh baby scent. Dermatologist- and opthalmologist-tested.

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    EYEFACE MASSAGE with sound therapy With the EYEFAXE MASSAGE you can lean back in your chair at work, the office, on the train, on the bus, wherever, whenever, and get a massage on the area around your eyes with soft natural sounds, which will get you to relax.

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    Decorate your house with a color-changing vase to create a unique and soothing atmosphere! This innovative design allows you to control and define the color of the light to be random or fixed.

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    Our line of eye pillows are as pretty as they are practical. Use chilled to soothe tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness. Warm slightly to use as a dream pillow or relieve sinus pressure. Made with buttery soft chenille and filled with lavender, calming chamomile and gently weighted with flax seed. Each is individually packaged in a white organza drawstring bag for giving as a gift or use for storage. Five styles to choose from cat, dog, bunny, polar bear, and brown bear.

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    This is my new favorite fragrance- perfect for spring/summer and at 10 oz. for $65 is quite the deal! ...imagine a hot, hazy afternoon where everything slows down. The sky begins to change color, then opens up and pours rain, cooling the ground while refreshing your skin and body. You stand outside, watch, listen, and experience the wonder of nature. Style: Refreshing. Soothing. Cooling. Notes: Wet Cut Grass, Wild Strawberry, Clementine Zest, Dewy Cypress, Tropical Rain Accord, Passion Flower, Sunshine Flower, White Orchid, Beech Amber, Musk, Tree Moss, Teak Wood.

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    Zen Baby music will calm your soul and renew your spirits. Soundtrack from the award-winning DVD and video.

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    Eye Mask Arm yourself from the threat of intrusive sunlight and the forced accepting that the party's over with Strawberry Jim's fabulous collection of eye masks. The satiny underside shades your lids and fits like a dream thanks to the stretchy elastic band keeping it in place, while the quirky artwork on the front proves that just because you're a little hungover, doesn't mean you've lost your sense of humor. Made in the USA

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    Natures Nest is designed to create a womb like effect, where your baby can still enjoy the comforts of what nature provided, a snug tactile environment, with a gentle vertical and bouncing motion. These motions replicate the movement within the womb (as mother moves walks or drives in the car), also producing feelings of suspension and floatation. Your baby will lie with his upper body slightly raised, a position he is in once cradled in your arms. This is the perfect environment for babies and can pacify the most distressed infant. As your baby moves the bed will move with him often lulling him back to sleep, babies sleeping in the Natures Nest will be content and happy whilst awake, having had a restful sleep, and reducing your sleep deprivation enables you to enjoy your new baby.

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    color calm dvd product id 120-1301 Give the gift of chilling out with this innovative DVD. Automatic repeat play will cycle through 36 colors of cloud formations while playing a variety of music selections. 180 minutes of programming with 28 color and audio mixes. A soothing relaxing gift. price: $28

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    I found these products several months ago and will not look back. I am in my 30s and have VERY sensitive skin, yet still worry about aging and good cleansing. These products work without fragrance, color, preservatives. I am able to use the facial scrub every day without my face being irritated, and my pores aren't clogged after using these creams. I imagine they would be just as useful to use after waxing, tanning, etc. They are also SO affordable! the starter kit is the most expensive at $27 and it has a day & night cream, toner & face cleanser. I still use anti-aging treatments, etc. & sunscreen but these products keep the others from being too much.

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    Cucumber Eye Pads (Jar of 24): At the end of the day treat your eyes to the cooling, soothing relief of our Cucumber Eye Pads. Printed to look like individual slices, each is pre-moistened with pure cucumber juice and other rejuvenating natural extracts including chamomile, aloe vera and green tea. As eyes cool, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are reduced. Refrigerate for added freshness. Jar of 24 pads.

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    Spa Head Massager features soft, flexible nodes that stimulate key tension points on your scalp and neck with soothing vibration massage. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage whenever you feel like being pampered. It makes your entire body feel great!