Modern design meets sustainable solar power for the ultimate in outdoor lighting. Unique, portable & efficient, the Soji Modern Lanterns never require the stringing of electrical wires. Stainless steel hardware equipped with 2 high powered Amber LED lights, AAA rechargeable battery and solar panel. The Soji Modern Outdoor Chandelier collects light all day and automatically turns itself on at dusk. Available in 3 patterns: - Pure White (pictured top) - Pearl Motif - white with white floral pattern (pictured middle) - Mineral Motif - white with grey floral pattern (pictured bottom) Approx. 10" Round
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    artist/actor Common has come out with his own line of high-end, handmade hats named Soji, Rebirth. "The first time Common laid his eyes on La Coppola's high-end, handmade hats, he knew that it was something he wanted to be a part of. Known for wearing caps, Common wants to bring back the tradition of wearing hats and because "a hat is another way to put on a crown".