Smock Girl

I started to make these smocks when my daughter figured out how to take her bib off. Cheeky girl. Well she has not figured out how to get out of these yet. We use them for dressing up, eating as well as arts and crafts, and in the summer I put one on with only a diaper and she is good to go. This is a medium size smock which will start to fit around two years old on. Or 20 + pounds. Up to about 30 pounds. The smocks are based on a pattern that my Mom used to make me an outfit in the early 70's. It is a tried and true classic. These smocks wrap around the back and criss cross over the shoulders. There is plain fabric on the inside. They are easily made to be reversible and if you would like that feature I will gladly add on two extra buttons before I ship to you. Also for $10.00 extra I can make a pair of bloomer bottoms for this! Tags: accessory, children, clothing, coverup, dress, flower, girl, jumper, pinafore, smock, sundress, toddler