Smashingdarling Stone

A little bit of sculpture for your fingers. This sterling silver ring features four delicate tendrils reaching into a cup to clutch a bezel set carnelian stone in place. The band is smooth and round, and the cup and tendrils raise slightly over 1/4th inch or 1 cm above the band.
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    In the Natalyla necklace,spectacular tundra sapphires are linked to a delicate 14-karat gold-filled chain. A flawless champagne quartz briolette hangs from a second gold chain, creating the effect of two necklaces in one.

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    Carved from white quartz, this ring looks milky opaque in dim light, but shows its translucent markings when held to sunlight (please see the backlit photo for an idea of the stone's veining, not its color!) Comfortable worn on any finger, with a smooth finish. Size 6.5 - 7.0 and 2" wide x 1 5/8" high x 1/8"+ thick.

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    Each piece of jewelry is unique and hand crafted, Alecia combines her extensive experience in retailing, design, along with her love of art, shapes, textures, fine details and color, to develop each piece. All designs are a colourful range of contemporary Jewelry, made from precious metals, semi-precious stones, pearls, leather,silk, and other various media. Blufish & Co. aims to awaken a sense of harmony through delicate objects, for the body, and a connection to the individual spirit. Only the highest quality of sterling silver and semi-precious stones and minerals from South America, Australia, India, Europe and Asia, are used. © Blufish & Co. 2008