Smashingdarling Custom Silver

A little bit of sculpture for your fingers. This sterling silver ring features four delicate tendrils reaching into a cup to clutch a bezel set carnelian stone in place. The band is smooth and round, and the cup and tendrils raise slightly over 1/4th inch or 1 cm above the band.
  • 87 months ago Smashingdarling »

    What could be more precious than Grandma's special love? She always seems to know the things That we are fondest of. She's always ready with a smile Or a loving word of praise, Her laughter always brightens up The cloudiest of days... She has an understanding heart that encourages and cheers. The love she gives so freely Grows deeper with the years. Her wisdom and devotion are blessings from above- Nothing could be more precious than Grandma's special love. ::This necklace is custom and personalized especially for you upon YOUR order.please go over the names /letters/number that you wish to have on your 3/4" hammered heart.