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This gentle face cleanser and exfoliator in one offers new vitality and freshness to your skin. This cream buffs away flaking skin cells and dullness while speeding up cell turnover. Great for all skin types. Benefits: * Jojoba beads eliminate dead skin cells while unclogging pores. * Improves skin hydration and clarity. * A fragrance free formula.
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    The Immortelle flower defies aging - it never wilts or withers, even after being picked. Time-release microcapsules deliver the anti-aging benefits of remarkable Immortelle essential oil. Packed with vitamins E and A to help stimulate cell renewal, and nourishing Shea Butter and rice peptides. A superb face treatment. For normal and dry skin.

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    A concentrated treatment sheet mask that targets fine lines and wrinkles as it saturates skin with moisture. Restores youthful suppleness and radiance with a single application. Developed with Shiseido-original Pure Liquid Retinol and Anti-Photowrinkle System with chlorella plant extract, a skin-vitality enhancer. How to use: Use 2-3 times a week at night, after cleansing and balancing. Follow with sun protection when used during the day. * Recommended for all skin types. * Contains 4 upper and 4 lower masks. * By Shiseido.

  • We already know that the Chanel brand wants to conquer your nails, lips, purses, and—with the advent of Chanel's temporary tattoos—the top layers of your epidermis, so what surface will Chanel conquer next? How about your forehead? Art student Ryan McSorley thinks so. In his final project for a product design class at Central Saint Martins, Ryan created Skin by Chanel, a collection of skincare standbys including a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, but with an unexpected addition: There's also a headband that imprints the double C's on your forehead, cheek, or facial surface of choice. If his prediction about the future of extreme branding ever comes true, people won't have to ask you what moisturizer you're using—the answer will be written on your face. (Notcot)

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    Again, exclusive to Sephora Insiders (I'm not going to beg you to join, it's for your own good) - a $45 Value for $25! Score your first-class ticket to glowing skin with this one-of-a-kind, seven-piece collection of Caudalie's most coveted skincare essentials, all tucked into a chic travel case. Created exclusively for Beauty Insiders, it has everything you need—as in cleanser, toner, makeup remover, exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, eye and lip cream, and hand and nail cream—to get you glowing wherever you go. Harnessing the incredible skincare benefits of the grapevine, Caudalie packs cutting-edge antioxidant technology into each one of these pint-sized products Available while supplies last in store or on Set includes: 0.07 oz Contour Cream Eyes & Lips, 0.13 oz Pulpe Vitaminee Energizing Cream, 0.14 oz Lip Conditioner, 3.4 oz Cleansing Water, 1.0 oz Gentle Cleanser, 1.0 oz Sauvignon Scrub, and Vanity Carrying Case.

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    This best selling mask is rich in minerals, fruit acids and alpha-hydroxy acids which melt the grease and oil that accumulates between the skin's layers. This action dramatically improves the skin's appearance by removing dead skin cells and narrowing the pores. Use moisturizer afterwards to complete the treatment - our seaweed moisturizer is a great complement.

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    Marvel-Mini Rejuvenating Facial Light Therapy Red: Natural Solution for Fine Lines & Wrinkles $225.00 At last, with the new Marvel-Mini you now can achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price. Enjoying the benefits of Rejuvenating Facial Light Therapy has never been more easy or convenient. The Marvel-Mini is a handheld device that employs light therapy technology, based on discoveries of how certain light frequencies can influence skin tissue. Red light is used to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and increase elasticity to give the feel and look of a nonsurgical face lift. Stimulates the natural healing process of skin. How to use: Easy and convenient application. Only 24 minutes, twice a day, for 30 days. * For all skin types and ethnicities. * Noninvasive, non-ablative (no cutting), and no 'down time.' * Dimensions: 2 1/6"W x 6 1/2"L x 1 3/4"H. Weight: 3.75 oz. * By Ageless Beauty.

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    EXCLUSIVE to Sephora Insiders (Join already, why don't you?) - a $55 Value for $30! Philosophy's greatest hits, each one a 2006 Best of Sephora winner, all boxed up exclusively for Beauty Insiders. Filled with four pint-sized portions of Philosophy favorites—the pH balanced, pore-purging cleanser, Purity Made Simple; the cult favorite, skin brightening moisturizer, Hope in A Jar; two at-home facial Microdelivery Peel packets; and the multitasking, floral and musk-infused Amazing Grace Bath, Shampoo & Shower Gel—this sought-after sampler has everything you need to get glowing. Available in limited quantities, this exclusive collection won't last long.

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    Sephora Stocking Stuffers!....... Flirt it lash duo, Smash box Photo Finish Foundation Primer to go, Luminous Eyeshadow Trio, Cargo color cards, Benefit Valley of the Stars

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    To soften the look of fine lines and dull, dry skin and refine skin's texture and tone.8 oz. Orange Cleansing Soap # 8 oz. Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion, # 2 oz. Honey Moisturizer, # 2 oz. Enzyme Revitalizing Mask, # 6 oz. Walnut Body Lotion