Sixties Designer Leather

  • 96 months ago Blacktruffle »

    Evidence: Pink leather; about fifty five [$55] bucks [thirty nine pounds]; nice, unusually fashioned front end stripes; twenties/thirties/sixties [twenties/thirties flapper youth revival] w/ a higher heel. Conclusion: Cant beat it w/ a stick. Little bit of a Westwood/Geiger/Irregular Choice/something Fly something [cant remember] as well. Nice job.

  • 100 months ago »

    "I am more like an artist than a clothing designer," he said [more or less] soon before he died. Absolutely, one must concur two decades later. If a perfect cross can be made from the comingling of art, craft & design, Mr Gibb must take its eternal crown. From a well deserved, too belated retrospective at the Fashion Museum in Bath, one which began last month [1008] & will run for one year [to end in 1009].