M/S Jaz Minerva Nile cruise is the twin sister of M/S Jaz Legacy Nile cruise. M/S Jaz Minerva Nile cruise creates the perfect atmosphere and a comfortable home base to explore the same route the Pharaohs would have taken in their stately processions along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. M/S Jaz Minerva Nile cruise offers luxurious cabins, mouth-watering cuisine and a variety of entrainment and recreation on board. You’ll never get bored or lack for something to keep you occupied, even if that’s just soaking up the rays on the enormous Sun deck that runs the entire length of the ship. M/S Jaz Minerva Nile cruise features round-the-clock reception service and international telephone facilities. The large and elegantly furnished restaurant of M/S Jaz Minerva Nile cruise, can accommodate all passengers in one sitting, while the opulent lounge and bar will give the prefect area to relax or chat. Cool off in the Sun deck swimming pool or sip your favorite cocktail at the pool bar. Whatever you choose, there’s no better way to experience the sights and scenery of Egypt