Shoofly-baby-shoes Original

Sailboats shoes title graphic Shoofly Shoes Bright, multicolor boats sailing on the sea at sunset. Puffy clouds and flying birds fill the sky. Dimensional paint is used to outline the waves and the rays of the sun for added texture and shine. Bullet Price: $49.00 pr. The made-to-order, hand-painted canvas designs for boys (high-tops) and girls (Mary Janes) are made to fit any occasion (first birthday, first Christmas, first Halloween). A nifty sizing chart ensures you get an accurate fit. The vast range of customized creations covers everything from holidays to sports to animals. The shoes are painted with nontoxic paint, and they’re easy to clean. But be warned: The process is so easy that you might find yourself ordering a pair of shoes to commemorate every event in Junior’s life. Although that’s just what happens when you start playing with fire.