Read or Dead 50s Style Swimsuit, 007, Swimwear, Womens Clothing, Women, by Read or Dead, For all shapes and sizes, 1950s style swimwear is always a hit for flattering the body and looking timelessly attractive. Plenty of our best known high street bran...
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    Women in general love to shop for clothes. You can hardly come across a woman who will say she doesn't enjoy clothes shopping.

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    Cartwheel lace jacket, £55, New Look Lace is a huge must-wear trend and this gorgeous jacket from New Look features cartwheel shapes with a sequin bow on the side.

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    Bath and body Manicure Block is a Four Sided Buffer and is the ideal grooming tool for perfectly manicured nails. Gentle on nails Smoothes out rough patches Shapes the nail perfectly This buffer has all the grit needed to smooth out bumps and rough spots for a satin smooth finish. These high quality professional SnowBlocks are guaranteed not to yellow. 1000 blocks to a case.

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    Red Carpet worthy strapless evening dress. The glittering bustier is just the beginning of the glittering accents in this breath taking gown. The pleated A-line skirt makes this dress easy to wear for all body shapes. From the Sherri Hill 2011 Collection

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    Black Cashmere Cord Waistcoat Derek Lawlor Collection Black Cashmere Cord Waistcoat Derek Lawlor is a contemporary knitwear designer who has received great praise for his innovative work since showcasing his first collection at London Fashion Week in 2009. Each of his Haute Couture creations are entirely handmade and take between two to three weeks to complete. The designer has been Inspired by shapes and structures of Japanese armor and Architecture. This unique knitting technique involves the use of wax cord as thread, which is weaved through lace patterns to create free flowing organic shapes on tight-fitting cashmere. The remarkable weaving and stitching method is also the result of carefully considered mathematical calculations. The intricately handcrafted Black Cord Waistcoat is sleeveless and has asymmetrical characteristics. Closing at the front with a hook fastening, the waistcoat is long at the front and has a cropped appearance at the back. This versatile piece has been made using the softest cashmere and wax cotton cord. This is a perfect example of Derek Lawlor's impeccable skill and revolutionary ability as a knitwear designer. This is a bespoke piece which is entirely handcrafted and can take up two to three weeks to be made. Please contact us for more information. £2,625 €2,809 (approx) $3,675 (approx)

  • Eyola’s philosophy stems from a continuing fascination with Victorian fashion exploring the juxastaposition between hard and soft shapes and silhouettes. Each Eyola design is limited to a run of eight in a particular fabric or colour. DESIGNER SAYS The Anima Octave jacket is rich in design with great attention to detail. Even with the intricate tailoring and craftsmanship, this jacket is still very feminine. With only a limited number available, Anima Octave jacket is for someone with an individual, timeless style that is not dictated by the trend of the moment.

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    Malice Necklace BeaValdes for CoutureLab A striking necklace hand-beaded by artisans in the Philippines This beautiful handmade necklace, by BeaValdes features an impressive display of expert craftsmanship. Two large floral shapes are intricately inlaid by hand with black crystal beads in varying sizes. Three strands of black pearl-like beads hang between each flower motif. This dazzling piece hangs in place with a black satin sash. £645 €690 (approx) $903 (approx)

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    .5" post back Clean, modern shapes with organic, liquid metal textures sprinkled with Swarovski crystals, some set in reverse, which emulate raw drusy stones make this collection the perfect contrast between "pretty" and "tough", and "delicate" and "bold". The metalwork emulates crumpled paper and dripping metal while the infusion of neon pink adds an unexpected pop of an instant 80's feel. The high fashion appeal and statement-making sensibility have become indicative of this line. Spend...

  • Sandra Blacklund never stops to amaze me with her lovely and unconventional knits. The current collection is filled with black and voluminous shapes. I appreciate the fact that she lets herself be guided by her inspiration and doesn't worry too much about the practicality of her garments.

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    Show up wearing this dress, and people may look at you from a different point of view. This high-quality, 60's-inspired, sleeveless shift features a silky full lining and panels of white, black, and grey that bend across the body in alluring angles to convey your fashionable outlook on life. A subtle side zip allows you to slip on this frock quickly and easily when your plans make a detour to something that requires you to step up your style game. Coordinate this mod masterpiece with Mary Jane high heels, colored tights, and a couple of bangles, and wear it to a cocktail party or art opening to give your onlookers a trendsetting frame of reference for creating their own stylish look.

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    Find out if a sheath style wedding dress is right for you!

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    Denise Julia Reytan is an amazing designer, and i love how free she is with her creations, specially too put together a lot looking amazing!!! LOVE THIS ;)

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    These lovely coral floral posts come in four unique patterns. Whether you're wearing the simple roses for a casual look or the more ornate designs to dress up, you'll be the center of attention wearing these beautiful blossoms.

  • Designer: Dennis Lin. The Cru Wine Rack by Umbra U+ Collection. Circular shapes with different attachment points can be configured to create an artful sculpture. Dimensions: 11" W x 16" L x 6".

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    Silly Stacking Clown from plan toys Price: $22.00 This cute clown toy was featured in the December/January issue of Cookie Magazine! Start clowning around! Helping your little one to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this crazy clown also provides tons of opportunities to learn shapes and colors. In order to stack the clown up to full height, baby must take each piece and match the color and shape on the bottom of the piece to the color and shape on the top of the next piece. Eco-friendly and super safe for little ones, Plan Toys are crafted in Thailand with your baby's - and the earth's - health in mind. Constructed of all-natural wood using a non-toxic, chemical-free production process, Plan Toys are a great addition to toy boxes everywhere! How big is it? This funny clown stacks to a height of 8.5 inches and measures 4.3 inches wide by 3.9 inches deep. Age Range: 2 years and up

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    Regardless of how redundant the adjective "clever" seems in conjunction with the manufacturer, Droog - we are thrilled with these Window Drops that you simply apply to any window and create a fabulous optical effect. Each set includes eight drops of various shapes and sizes. notes: largest drop measures 5" x 2.5"; smallest drop is 2" diameter

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    Designed by Philadelphia-based illustrator Eleanor Grosch, this soft cotton pillow is shaped like the friendliest of raccoons.

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    Designed by Philly's own Eleanor Grosch, this soft cotton pillow is shaped like a red fox. Imported. Machine wash. * 15"l, 18"w * Cotton, poly fill

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    Description from website: Check out this reshapable vase! All you do is dip it into hot water and then sculpt it into any shape you want. Once your base is formed, submerge it in cold water to seal the shape. The Wonder Vase is made from a special thermal-sensitive plastic that will allow the vase to be sculpted, resculpted and filled with fragrant flowers for years to come.

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    Looking for a fixture for my hall...and found one here. One can get completely carried away on this site. The reflections the lighting makes on the walls is key in creating a luxurious atmosphere.

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    As seen in New York Magazine. Bring the fun back into your home or office with our clever Animal Rubber Bands! Made from brightly-colored silicone, they look and behave like normal (albeit colorful) rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original animal shapes!

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    With over 90 organic shapes in seven different colors, budding artists get to dreamscape and shapescape any which way they want. Thoroughly versatile, easy to pull apart and reassemble, ShapeScapeS allows one to create anew, again and again.

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    Spiral Rug * 100% New Zealand Wool * available in six color options: reds, blues, greens, browns, greys, multi * available in three size options: 9'7" x 8' * designed by: Shlomi Haziza * custom sizes and colors are available * please call Modnest customer service for details- 888.MODNEST Haziza rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool, which is the purest, cleanest, whitest wool in the world. All rugs come standard with cotton canvas backing. Exceptional construction and materials combine to create rugs that are as durable as they are beautiful. Suitable for both residential and commercial interiors, our rugs will add a lifetime of contemporary elegance to any environment. May be customized in any shape, size, and color. $3,570.00

  • Magistical Memories Sneak Peek CHA Show Winter 2007...Visit our Circleback Studio Wiki - Perk-u-late for more Scrapbooking and Craft Ideas…happy shopping from deb and wendy at