Sephora Nono

no!no! = NO hair, NO pain! Sephora's exclusive next generation hair removal system, is changing the shaving routines of women around the world. Portable and sleek, it utilizes revolutionary Thermicon™ technology, a gentle heat wave that destroys hair without pain or irritation, to safely reduce hair re-growth up to 64%. Translation: If you normally have 100 hairs on your legs, after repeated no!no! use you'll have as few as 36. It gives professional removal treatments, like lasers and electrolysis, a run for their money. Over time, you'll notice decreased hair density, a lot less stubble and a lot more time spent not shaving. It's a whole new concept in hair removal, in the privacy of your own home. Like any professional hair treatment, it takes time and dedication to achieve your desired results. The same holds true for the revolutionary no!no! hair removal system; with all the right moves, stubble-free, super smooth skin will be yours.