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Use Givenchy Prisme to add shimmer to eyes, cheeks and lips. You may also apply to the shoulders and décolleté for a festive glow. The limited-edition Prisme Powder comes packaged in a leather diamond ring box, inside a velour pouch (brush included). Part of the Givenchy 2007 Holiday Collection, it gives the face and body a dazzling look for the season.
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    In Extreme Black , Brown Black and for a limited time- Moire Black- (black with iridescent blue-green)! I WILL be buying that! For irresistible, mesmerizing eyes, this intense volumizing mascara is revolutionary- it plumps and thickens lashes to the max, while leaving a glossy coat of shine with light reflecting technology. Lashes are immediately thicker and stronger, intensified from the first application, and play with the light to create deep and intense reflections. With each flutter, you captivate everyone's eyes!

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    Pick-Me-Up Spray Each Demeter scent is meticulously researched, designed and hand-blended in the classic European tradition, using synthetic and naturally occurring ingredients and botanical derivatives. Demeter captures the true essence of each scent. Whether it be Gin & Tonic, Leather or Angel Food, Demeter's technologically advanced fragrances allow you to scent the skin, as well as your personal space with scents that harken back to childhood memories.