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    Along time ago in a meadow far away on a mountain on a hill over a pasture and down the road lived many ponies ... they had magical powers that enabled them to grow spaghetti out of their eyes and read minds and also they could make anyone fall in love just by smiling and licking their faces.... One day whiskers the pink pony decided she wanted to go for a swim and visit the fish who she loved very much because they would kiss her body and tickle her feet and that was in her top ten fave things to feel... so she went to the pond and dipped herself in ....while she was giggling with the fish she heard some one calling her name... she looked over her shoulder and spotted a beautiful glowing whispery feathery feather... whiskers slowly got out of the pond and went over to the feather ... the feather looked at her and caressed her cheek and said

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    There once was a lion who thought that his heart was missing... He looked everywhere for it... he asked the pandas if they had seen it....he asked the flamingos if they had seen it... they hadn't... he was sad....then he went for a swim and met a lioness near the river... she was also sad because she also thought she had no heart...he gently approached her and they gazed into each others eyes...then the lion leaned in and gave the lioness a butterfly kiss that lasted 32 minutes....then all of a sudden there was a spark of lightning above them and they both morphed into one huge giant rainbow love heart that floated away into the sky with butterflies chasing behind it.....The End. This necklace is made of fake suede fringies... I tied each one to a gold plated's beautiful luscious and full ...sort of like a lion heart in love.... This accessory is an original unique piece. It is sold as is. No Hot Tub Parties, getting into pillow fights or any other super duper wooper vigorous activity recommended. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! .and Thank you for supporting an artist who can’t stop creating…..Peace.