‘Plant Detail’, ‘Blossom’, Garland’ and ‘Flower Gobo’. Seedpods, buds, twigs and the internal structures of fl owers are abstracted and magnifi ed in different scales. Some pieces refl ect how plants change and grow throughout the seasons. The Plant Detail collection is concerned with extracting and arranging individual elements of nature into three-dimensional compositions to capture a narrative within a frame. The Blossom collection explores cherry blossom and Spring time. The intention of the work is to create wearable elements of nature. The Garland collection is inspired by forget-me-not fl ower heads and tiny leaves picked from the garden and arranged in clusters or small posies. All her jewellery is hand constructed using shaping, die-pressing, piercing, soldering and forging techniques. Surface texture and fi nishes are applied using roll-printing, punches, oxidising and gold leaf.