Sash Lace Floral

Bright-blue bits of sky peek out from a cloud cover of floral lace on Darling's sash-cinched top.
  • 87 months ago »

    This dreamy dress is made for warm summer nights filled with red roses and candle light. Flower and vine printed chiffon with black lace trim. Black sash which ties in a back bow. The dress is sheer, and has a full satin lining. Side zipper.

  • 88 months ago »

    Two handmade white blooms, glass pearls, and white lace adorn this versatile belt and headband in one! Would be a nice addition to your bridal ensemble, or a pretty way to dress up an everyday outfit. The flower petals are hand cut and hand singed, and the piece is completely hand-stitched. The flower piece is adjustable and may be moved anywhere along the ribbon, so that the bow may be styled in front or at the back. The ribbon measures 80", but may be shortened or lengthened upon request.