Sash Green Orange

Lenny Swimwear 2011 Souk Deep-V Maillot. Beautiful, one piece swimsuit in a modern, earthy print. Shop for Lenny Swimwear at Tropi-Ties.
  • 92 months ago ModCloth »

    When you're wearing this pretty floral strapless dress, you might feel shy at first, your back pressed up against the wall of the gymnasium dance floor, hands clasped in front of you. But soon, the brightly colored pink and blue flowers on a sea of dark navy fabric will have you coming out of your shell. When your secret crush asks you to dance, you'll feel confident in this feminine empire waist dress with ruching and light padding at the bust. Subtle elasticizing at the back, along with a hidden zipper and matching sash, make for a perfect fit that will allow you to break out your whole forte of dance moves.

  • 93 months ago ModCloth »

    Turn up your favorite tunes, apply lipstick, slip on heels & this satiny gown, and get ready for one excellent evening! With a gusseted full skirt, classy black sash and brush stroke-inspired print, this piece is perfect for all of your downtown adventures. So whether you're attending a gallery opening or sampling tapas, you'll look classically chic for any occasion in this elegant party dress.