Sa2007101 M31e This

Laptop Battery Uniwill M30-3S4400-G1L1 Laptop Batteries [Uniwill M30-3S4400-G1L1 Laptop B] - Product Fetures:Uniwill M30-3S4400-G1L1 Laptop Batteries Replace battery part number: M30-3S4400-C1S1, M30-3S4400-G1L1M30-3S4400-G1P1, 63-UJ1024-0A,63GUJ1024-2A , SA20071-01 Battery Type: Li-ion Color:White GreyCapacity: 4400.00mAh Volt: 11.1V This battery is also compatible with the following models : Uniwill M30EI0, M30EI2, M30EI, M30 Series Uniwill M31EI1, M31EI, M31E, M31 SeriesAveratec Notebooks:Averatec 4000 SeriesAveratec