Rustic Earrings

Ruby Tuesday BURMESE RUBY JEWELRY Artist Eric Silva puts in huge amounts of passion and hard work to create these tiny sculptural jewelry pieces. A metaphor of life's gifts, these square ruby earrings and necklace are classic, but original and a true work of love. Silva creates his jewelry through methods of carving, sawing, forming and soldering. Each of his works is a three-dimensional form with movable parts. He uses a combination of rustic metals and sterling silver and stains them with herbed teas and coffee to add depth and character. The precious red-violet stones are hand cut and polished under water. This jewelry shows attention to detail, craftsmanship and appreciation of unique aesthetics, which will surely be a cherished gift for anyone. Handmade in California. Necklace and earrings sold separately. $95.00 - $110.00