Rubber Duckie

Far away in a sunshiny land there lives a special breed of red rubber duckie. When these duckies meet and fall in love, hearts start to appear on their bodies, increasing in number the longer the duckies are together, and showing how much they love each other. Our set of two is covered with hearts, and brings lots of love to bath time, valentine presents, and Easter baskets. For ages 3 and up.
  • 122 months ago »

    These are the fabulous I-Ducks!! These Ducks are 10cm long, 8 cm wide and stand 9 cm high and are presented in their own designer boxes. They are so special, containing coloured LED's and a battery, that when they are placed in the bath, or in water, the LED's are activated and they slowly fade between red, green and blue. When removed from the water the LED's switch off again. The battery life is around 45 hours!! that's around 180 15minute baths!! The duck is a sealed unit and the batteries are NOT replaceable.