I have been looking into buying a small pool route of 5 clients with the hammer head vacuum and equipment for 00. The clients are billed about /month. Can
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    Tiny, programable robotic turtles with four play modes of great itty-bitty fun! Just a few clicks of the shell and they come to life - Walking, singing, racing and more!

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    Fortune tellers and their tired revelations. "I sense you are in love!" as they spot your ring and hit you up for 20 bucks. Yawn. A cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence robot that recognizes family members, can carry on conversations, develops relationships, and answers questions with fact-based advice, now that's going to freak out the kids. Say, "Hey" to the Swami. The OMG factor on this dude is off the charts. You'll swear he's human, right down to his facial expressions. How does he do it? Revolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software. Micro-camera eyes. More than 30 robotic micro motors. All running off a PC laptop (included, of course). Teach him to wink every time the wife walks by. Name him Mortimer. Pack him up in his suitcase and take the show on the road. OS platform? Memory cache? USB ports? Sate your techno-lust at 1.877.9NM.GIFT.

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    A "Winebot," or a robot that can taste, fires off a beam of infrared light from its left arm to a bottle of Shiraz, and tell the kind of wine during a demonstration at a laboratory in Tsu, central Japan, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2006. Some of the light is absorbed and the light that returns is then analyzed in real time to determine the object's chemical content. Researchers at NEC System Technologies and Mie University have designed the robot, a mechanical sommelier. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

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    The new Japanese robot Miuro is designed to turn an iPod music player into a scuttling boombox-on-wheels. Equipped with speaker systems developed with Japanese audio-maker Kenwood Corp., the 35-centimeter long machine, which looks like a ball popping out of an egg, from Tokyo-based venture ZMP Inc. will roll and twist from room to room blaring music.

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    he Face Bank is a money eating piggy bank robot which features an object-sensitive sensor to distinguish between coins. And when I say 'money eating' I mean like it actually eats money. It moves its mouth and everything. Although I can't figure out if this thing is supposed to be cute or horrifying or what.

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    NANO-NANO is a tiny art robotic object made with real electric parts designed by Koichi Miyajima. Perfect as your phone strap and key chains, you can even add it as part of your accessories.

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    "Pleo is a 'designer species'. He incorporates all the basic traits of autonomous life. He is specifically engineered and enhanced to mimic life and relate to his owner on a personal level. Pleo is equipped with senses for sight, sound, and touch. He learns as he explores his environment. He will exhibit genuine reactions to sensory stimuli. Every Pleo begins life with certain tendencies but, interaction with his environment has subtle effects on his behavior. Every Pleo eventually exhibits a unique personality. "

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    NewLaunches managed to find a video of the Miuro in action. This furturistic iPod dock measures 14-inches wide, weighs a hefty 9-pounds, and can follow you around the house via remote control. Supported audio formats include WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF and LPCM. Expect to shell out a whopping $930 for the Miuro when it hits stores in December. Video after the jump.

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    Japanese manufacturer' ZMP's Miuro will actually follow you around the house and shake its groove thing at your behest. A not-quite-accurate acronym for "music innovation based on utility robot technology," Miuro is a 14-inch wide, egg-shaped device that can either pump tunes from your docked 'Pod or wirelessly from a PC through its Kenwood-built speakers.

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    The famous Japanese company ZMP, that we already featured here at Akihabara News (Robots are invading Akihabara, The ZMP Robot on video (IREX 2005)), now propose a cute new little wonder the MIURO! Actually the Murio is more close to a Robot Jukebox than an ASMIO's competitor. ZMP thought that having the possibility to enjoy music where ever you are would be a wonderful thing, and decided to develop an autonomous little robot which will crawl around your house and please you with its tune.

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    Build and program your own robots!

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    Plastic life-sized robotic hand with pull-and-release grip mechanism enabling the operator to pick up objects from a distance. Size: 55cm

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    Exclusive "Signature Series" Robopet walks, jumps, sits, lies down, begs, rolls over, sniffs, crawls, runs, shakes hands and scratches with incredibly lifelike biomechanical movements. Robopet's personality is very expressive — displaying puppy-like moods ranging from friendly and curious to upset and cantankerous.

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    Japanese engineers unveil mechanical sommelier. Hideo Shimazu, director of the NEC System Technology Research Laboratory and a joint-leader of the robot project, speaks to The Associated Press beside a Winebot, a robot that can taste at a laboratory, in Tsu.