Robot Gadgets Dog

Forget about Aibo, Geniboo is the new puppy robot. This robo-dog will act like a real puppy, it understands human speech (up to 100 words). You can command it to sit down or waggle its tail. If you give it a pat on the head or play with it, it will show a happy emotion. Consists of 17 motors, one CPU and has bluetooth enabled, so you can control it with your computer. This dog won't wet the floor, does not eat, but requires like any dog, a lot of love.
  • Just like a real puppy or kitty the interactive Biocybie Dog and Cat bark, whimper, (or meow and purr), play and run around, nag you for food, and respond to your loving touch. Use the remote control levers to make your pet walk forward, backward, turn, or spin happily. Turn on the electronic sensors, and she hears you, sees you, sleeps, eats, and guards you from intruders.