Rice Bowl

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    Elegance from Limoges. A porcelain rice bowl, hand-burnished in France with a 24k gold glaze, and the matching porcelain spoon in classic Chinese shape. left, rice bowl, 4 1/2" diameter x 2 1/2" high right, Chinese spoon, 6" long

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    Inori tableware is made entirely in Staffordshire using the finest bone china. The centrepiece of the range is this five piece stacking oriental dining set comprising a rice bowl, sushi platter, sauce dish, teacup and chopstick holder. Conceived first as a purely sculptural form when assembled, the set is perfectly functional when dismantled for use a place setting. Available in either space-saving card packing or special edition POS/giftware packing consisting of a transparent acrylic tube and clear plastic clamshell, Inori is a beautifully collectible piece of bone china and a highly desirable set of tableware for special occasions. A set of matching serving dishes and platters, including conventional dinner plates and side dishes, are also available in pure, unadorned, white glazed bone china.

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    Since the Heian era (794-1185) the city of Mino in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu has been a center of ceramic artistry. Artist Yoshitaka Katou is a kiln master who learned the art from his father, himself a noted ceramist. In this striking pair of diminutive rice bowls, Katou explores the Zen-influenced technique of sumi-e, gestural ink painting. The splash of black ink conveys action against the calm white background. The handcrafted bowls are lined in shades of jade green and chrysanthemum orange, with matching chopsticks.

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    Japanese sumi-e painting is fluid and expressive, executed spontaneously and with an economy of strokes. Master ceramist Yoshitaka Katou presents his interpretation of the Zen practice of sumi-e in this contemporary sushi set. Black ink crosses each stark white plate with a splash that brings the artist’s gesture vividly to life. A pair of bowls, one lined in jade green and the other in chrysanthemum orange, and chopsticks completes the set. Handcrafted in Mino, Japan, a center of ceramic production for more than a millennium.

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    Two ceramic bowls that are the right size for serving candy, nuts or cooked rice.

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    Ceramic rice bowl and mug with pink bunny faces. Packaged in an attractive gift boxed set

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    "Neko" is the Japanese word for cat. Our two charming porcelain "neko" bowls feature flourishes of fun feline flair! The cat face on the bottom of the Shallow Bowl ($6.95) helps provide a little extra motivation for children to finish their soup. The cat face on the outside of the larger Rice Bowl ($8.95) adds whimsy to your next serving of Oryza sativa. Durable porcelain bowls are made in Japan.