Nooked and crannied into my heart is a space reserved for the unusual - strange food combinations, quirky events, and so forth. This would explain why, when I saw this sheer, button-down blouse, I felt drawn to it like a pen to paper. Its shape was normal enough, with a bust pocket, cropped, hi-low hem, and detachable, matching scarf, but its print? Its print was something else. It was as though all those 50s figures that I so loved looking at in old photographs, had crept out of the pictures in which they were prisoner, and arranged themselves over this blouse's pale sand background. The women with their imaginative hats, the men looking dapper in their suits - all of this portrayed in painterly strokes. I'll aim to capture some of their nonchalant chic by sliding this top on over a cotton camisole, tucking it into a velvety pencil skirt, and rounding it out with sleek Mary Janes and vintage earrings. - Hannah, Writing Development Editor