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Bright colors run the length of this fun rainbow bracelet. This bracelet (and all the bracelets in my shop) is made by opening and closing lots of tiny rings around themselves. Bright aluminum means it’s super lightweight and will never rust or tarnish.
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    Introducing to the world: Nova pendants! These little units are my own unique invention/design. They’re one large metal ring that’s covered in folded rubber rings, which are secured by smaller metal rings. This one has 8 “spikes” of silver, with blue rubber surrounding a large silver ring. The outer “spike” rings are large enough to easily string most conventional chains through, with one ring set being slightly larger than the others so you know where to hang it. The best part about this pendant? Those blue rings glow in the dark! They are also UV reactive, so they glow under a black light. Tip! You can use a black light to instantly fully charge the glow in the dark properties of this pendant. Hold it under a black light for a few seconds on each side and it will glow super bright. The way the non-glowing metal rings are positioned make it look just like a glowing snowflake. Great layering necklace.

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    Use code "stylehive" upon checkout to get 10% off your entire order! The bright blue rings in this bracelet are stretchy! They are made of EPDM, a fade resistant, safe kind of rubber that comes in lots of fun colors. The silver rings are bright aluminum, which does not rust or tarnish and is very lightweight. Stretchy rings means there is no need for a clasp! Just slide it over your hand, and you’re good to go.

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    Use coupon code "stylehive' upon checkout to get 10% off your entire order!Tres chic and elegant! 14 karat gold fill rings and .925 sterling silver rings dangle gently on a piece of sterling silver chain. A gold loop attaches all the parts of the chain together. The sterling silver spring clasp is secured with another gold ring, and the necklace is slightly adjustable by hooking the clasp on to one of the three sterling or 14 karat rings on the end of the chain. All sterling or 14k gold components.

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    Use code "stylehive" at checkout to get 10% off your entire order!Handformed and tumble polished oversize sterling silver ear hooks are the beginning of this amazing pair of earrings. They contrast well with the solid black rolo chain that begins the descent. As you go down the earrings, you are coming up from the bottom of the darkest sea. The pitch black depths eventually give way to a deep blue. The blues turn a lighter shade until the last moment when you break the water’s surface into the bright blue sky. Material: Chain, Sterling silver wire, enameled copper colored rings Color: Silver, black, and 4 shades of blue/green Length: About 2 inches from top of chain to bottom ring; about 3 total

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    Use code "stylehive" at checkout to get 10% off your order! Ooooh this necklace is so fun! First off, it is a bright blue color that will grab the eye of anyone passing by. The bright mod colors are really in right now. The chainmaille weave is loose, and lets the rings play around and jingle across your chest. It is made of anodized aluminum, so it is VERY lightweight. You won’t notice you’re wearing it until someone compliments you on it! Material: Anodized aluminum Color: Deep blue Length: 18 inches long at full length (see “Clasp” below). Weave: Shaggy loops Clasp: The clasp is a toggle clasp, and the bar can actually fit into any of the rings in the necklace. This means you can wear it long so it drapes down to the bottom of your chest area, or you can wear it as a choker with a tail that goes down your back. It is very versatile.