Red Yarn

This sweater will take you back to your childhood. Features a red and white mushroom - created from gorgeous sequins. Features a tight knit with looser spots around the arm openings and bottom. Wide neckline. The color is a called Earth and it's a darker shade of brown.
  • 575 months ago ModCloth »

    Sit down, lass, and I'll tell ye a tale ye won't soon forget! It all began with one sailor striped top by designer Nick & Mo — aye, t'was nautical-themed like many, but this particular shirt was marked with lines of deep, dark gold, like the shade of a doubloon, and bordered by a fearsomely fashionable red trim. But that wasn't all! Across its front, like the sweep of a wave, was a decorative navy design woven from the finest yarn, and affixed to it was a button stamped with the crest of the great kingdom of Modlandia. The shirt was softer than a sea breeze, and legend has it that whoever wore this top became invincible on the high seas of style. As the story goes, the surest way to master the top was to match it with a pair of shorts, bold sandals, and trinkets of bronze and gold. But, don't take this old seadog's word. What would ye pair it with, young sailor?