Reclaimed Mahogany Wood Modern Design Accent

Using select plantation hardwoods, which some date back centuries old, the sustainble wood are reclaimed and restored into making unique eco friendly furniture designs. By mixing materials, both old and new, innovative furnishings are created to form furniture with distinctive looks and styles. This Mahogany Dining is a fine example of such reclaimed wood pieces, using old Plantation Mahogany, combined with solid wood veneer accents. The wood veneers also come in four finish options. The old recycled hardwood mixed matches to fit any interior design style from old world rustic to contemporary. This table is designed with stainless Steel, art deco design lefs for a contemporaty accent. The materials are not prefabricated, but rather designed by nature, and crafted by hand. The images shown are for product reference, and due to the old reclaimed material used, each product will vary slightly.