Rain Water

Bold, startling simple designs characterise Latham & Neve’s collections. Hand-made jewellery, beaten silver and gold, beautiful textures sparkle and bounce in changing light, complement sculptural hand-finished pieces, inspired by spirals, rocks, and ripples of rain water.
  • 88 months ago Dailycandy »

    Some mates in Australia decided to look on the bright side of dreary days with Tasmanian Rain, a line of bottled rain water. No, not the dirty rain water that falls in your polluted city. The air on the pristine island of Tasmania has been scientifically proven by the World Meteorological Organization to be the purest in the world. The ultra-premium H2O has never touched the ground, and it naturally contains traces of hydrogen peroxide, which the body uses to stimulate its enzyme systems. It might seem eco-unfriendly to order water from so far away, but Tasmanian Rain is a carbon-neutral company and plants trees in Australia to compensate for the carbon it indirectly consumes. The pure stuff comes in super swank glass bottles (twelve or 24 ounce) with a pretty label. At first glance, it can easily be mistaken for a bottle of wine. Minus the pounding headache.