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Lauren Moshi garments are limited edition, hand drawn pieces of art. The Ape Swing Tee by Lauren Moshi is simply adorable! Super soft short sleeve tee with ape drawing wearing red heart shaped glasses.
  • 88 months ago »

    These bloomers are so fun and playful! This design was featured in BUST Magazine

  • 90 months ago »

    leopard ribbon bag *made of brown and leopard velour like fabrics *one outside pocket with zipper *snap button closure

  • 90 months ago Pacoandlupe »

    Size (WxH inches) : 17x17 Closure: invisible zipper Material: 100% cotton Cushion material: 100% polypropelene (size 18"x18")

  • 90 months ago Pacoandlupe »

    MEASUREMENT (inches): Width: 15" at widest point, 12" at slimest point Height: 12" Depth: 2" Strap: 1.5" thick, adjustable 26-41" Main closure: separable zipper Front: 2 pouches ***Pleated***

  • 93 months ago Couture Lab »

    Flower Lace Necklace Walid for CoutureLab Crochet beaded neckpiece with 19th century Victorian flower embroidery £440 €572 (approx) $880 (approx) Product: CL2200 Size: U This unique neckpiece has been made entirely by hand from antique materials. It features 19th century silk floral embroidery in dusky pinks and faded greens. Threaded onto the subtle gold crochet underlayer are long brass coils and antique wooden beads, creating a dense, tactile fringing. This versatile piece can be worn traditionally around the neck, over the shoulders, or around the waist as shown. This is a one of a kind piece made from antique fabrics; the imperfections are considered unique qualities as opposed to flaws.

  • 93 months ago Vivre »

    This sleek, graceful sweep of natural Egyptian cotton is enhanced with delicate crocheted trim and a delectable pattern of pewter peonies. Handmade in Beirut by underprivileged Lebanese women, this tunic is not only a vision of exquisite beauty but is also a tribute to the pride, dignity and skills of the women who created it.

  • 93 months ago Dungareedolly »

    Perfect size for your everyday 'face'! Basically, I was sick of buying really super cute cosmetic bags that I could not find anything in! So, I decided to make even cuter bags that open wide enough to be able to find exactly what I am looking for. The size is just right, too (8" wide, 6" tall, 2.5" deep). Also, the cute side handle is perfect for turning this bag into a wristlet. Cosmetic bags are lined and stabilized.

  • 94 months ago »

    This lovely mixed garden floral dress is just perfect for a tea party. Simple vest shape top with elasticated high waist and full skirt. 100% cotton poplin, Hand wash only. Length: 85cm/33.4inch Handmade by Nadinoo

  • 95 months ago Dungareedolly »

    Give a whistle to the Baroness Bag’s close cousin – the Vixen Bag! This hot number comes equipped with everything to make you giddy and jump up and down! Ok, that is if you are crazy like me anyway! Super current styling and roomy interior makes this bag your next ‘must have’! Contrasting vinyl corners trimmed in lace, O rings and studs at vinyl strap base, zipper closure, divided interior pocket. Approx. Dimensions: 15” wide along top, 10” wide along bottom, 10” tall, 3” deep, 22” straps

  • 95 months ago Dungareedolly »

    The 'City Bag' is one of my new favorites! This bag has a great shape that holds allot! Fully equipped with zipper closure, double inner pocket, and shiny O rings. Standard strap length fits comfortably unsder your arm. But, this style also makes a great messenger bag, so request a 50" strap if that better suits your lifestyle!

  • 95 months ago Dungareedolly »

    This is just one of the best bags ever! Perfect size for every day and the 2 exterior side pockets are perfect for your cell phone, camera, keys, etc - whatever you need to have instant access to! Treat yourself to this sweet bag today, you will be so glad you did! Silver O Rings and studs at strap bases, contrasting ruffle and vinyl edging along zipper panel, 2 exterior side pockets adorned with bows, and fully lined with divided interior pockets for all your essentials. Approx. Dimensions: 11” wide along bottom, 8” tall, 3” deep, 22” straps

  • 95 months ago Dungareedolly »

    The only bag you will need for any fabulous weekend away! Trust me, you can fit everything in here you are gonna need and still have room for over packing! Long comfy strap with O rings and studs at base can be worn over your body or along your side. Large exterior pocket makes life easier for those 'go to' items you will need - like your passport and tickets! Really makes a nice carry on bag - and you will be sure to be the cutest on the entire plane! Bon voyage!

  • 96 months ago Hettyrose »

    Amalie with her signature hand stitching and charming toe shape is quite simply gorgeous. In her study block heel you can stand tall and enjoy your shoes. Heel Height: 110mm Heel Type: Self covered wooden heel Upper material: Vintage kimono textile fabric Lining: Leather Sole: Leather

  • 98 months ago Couture Lab »

    Infanta Lace Blouse Isabel Toledo for CoutureLab Lace blouse with silk tulle underlay in black antique gold £2,064 €2,208 (approx) $2,890 (approx) This beautiful handmade lace blouse features intricate details. The wide structured collar contrasts with the feminine ruffled neckline, generous puff sleeves and lace tails. The cotton black lace has a subtle gold glint, giving this modern cut an antique quality. To create the incredible, textured volume, the blouse is lined with layers of soft silk tulle.

  • 99 months ago Couture Lab »

    Glitter Box Coat Isabel Toledo for CoutureLab Silk box coat in black with cream trim £3,864 €4,134 (approx) $5,410 (approx) Displaying meticulous craftsmanship, this piece epitomizes Isabel Toledo's aptitude for constructing distinctive yet classic silhouettes. Created from black silk, this elegant knee-length box coat has a rough-edged cream trim around the hem and the cuffs. The lightweight fabric features intricate black embroidery. The coat is lined with cream silk and has no fastenings. A flattering cut, this piece is a timeless classic.

  • 99 months ago Couture Lab »

    Umbrella Swing Jacket Isabel Toledo for CoutureLab Silk taffeta cropped swing jacket in black £2,400 €2,568 (approx) $3,360 (approx) This unusual cropped swing jacket has been handmade from silk taffeta ribbons. The edged rectangular ribbons feature flat pleated horizontal folds, providing texture. The ribbons are meticulously stitched to overlap, creating the sleek curved neckline and shoulders, but left to drape and flare to give an "umbrella" effect. Complex construction yet effortless style, this couture jacket is simply timeless.

  • 99 months ago Couture Lab »

    Ivory Flower Poncho minaPoe for CoutureLab Hand-crafted circular crochet poncho with fine tassels £490 €637 (approx) $980 (approx) Product: CL354 Size: One Size This ivory crocheted poncho is hand crafted from silky viscose, completed with long tassels. To produce such an exquisite circular floral design is a painstaking process. Mina's nostalgia toward crochet has developed into a fully fledged style domain that has advanced from the traditional design attitude to something undeniably beautiful.

  • 101 months ago »

    TOPO CHOCO, limited edition handmade designed wallpaper created by Barcelona's Alan The Gallant Studio for Pattern Tales® brand. TOPO CHOCO is an organic approach to the art of painted wallpaper. This handmade pattern was created from the concept of freedom of lines. Heterogeneous forms are unified by using the same color. It is reminiscent of the beauty that exists in the chaos and the randomness

  • This beautiful image by Alicia Bock combines a vintage camera and a digital camera to create a soft, organic, vintage textured photograph. These are not perfect, sharp images but instead highlight the dust, scratches, and interesting bits that make vintage photographs so charming. Printed on premium quality archival paper for a photograph with stunning colors that will last a lifetime. Signed by the artist and ready to be framed! Image measures 8" x 8" and is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

  • Our signature clutch features uniquely carved wooden handles, a hand embroidered baobab tree and a soft raffia/cotton blend fabric. Its unique design has grabbed lots of attention from fashionistas and press alike!

  • Standing at the crossroads between tradition and cutting edge, Wallpapers handmade by Dunford Wood are contemporary classics The patterns balance rhythms with colour and offer a wide range of moods through a palette of colour combinations. The use of only two colours for each wallpaper transforms every design from subtle and delicate, or warm and inviting, to one that is strikingly bold.

  • 107 months ago Printliberation »

    Annette Monnier is an artist and curator who currently lives in Philadelphia. She is currently getting her image together. It might take her a long time. Black ink printed on a unisex vneck

  • 107 months ago Printliberation »

    Life is what you make it, says Frankie ink handprinted on white american apparel tee.

  • 111 months ago 2jane »

    Ginkgo Necklace, Soft Woven Textile Chain Maria Jauhiainen Our Price: $240.00 Dimensions: 30" length; one 3"-wide leaf & one 5" wide leaf Beautifully bold, this necklace is a stunning over-sized interpretation of the beloved ginkgo tree leaves. The claspless cord hangs loosely around the neck, allowing the lightweight linear forms to rest delicately on the chest. This is the ultimate statement piece and truly a delicate work of art. We recommend hanging the piece on the wall so it can be enjoyed when it's not being worn. Imported from the UK.