Practical Fashion Must Have For Spring

Terracotta Brush by Guerlain $32.00 The ideal tool for terracotta powder. This unique and practical beauty accessory of Moorish inspiration is fun, convenient and luxurious.
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    L'Or de Vie, La Creme by Dior $320.00 Dior concentrates the continuous revitalizing power of Yquem in L'Or de Vie, a skincare with powerful action that never ceases to enhance beauty. day after day, month after month, skin becomes stronger and more beautiful to overcome the signes of aging. Dense and silky, La Crème combines the best anti-aging and nourishing ingredients with the powers of L'Or de Vie, enveloping the skin with comfort. Skin regains its density and firmness. Wrinkles and fine lines virtually disappear. The complexion is renewed, soft, smooth and silky.