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    .....lined in pink satin. Few designers from any other continent, of any genre or decade could best Mr Blass during his creative ascendancy [the two decades preceding his 1980s commercial sovereignity]. Often the relief of his genius is most starkly visible in his coats. Example exemplary here, w/ its lining recommending it beyond nearly-as-noteworthies. Had we any available space at home [a place the drummer calls "The Loft," & I call Elsewise Abandoned Industrial Wasteland] this one would neverve hit stylehive. Itd be here, languishing among some even finer brethren. Blame it on the economy, blame it on Cain, but we here at Rock & Roll Provenance House are due in lieu to inaugurate a selective liquidation of one of Los Angeles' foremost collections of hipster vintage. As w/ this, as w/ that: my loss is the world's gain.