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The Pillows $35 each White cotton twill pillows printed with black & white portraits of some of Brooklyn’s most ambitious daydreamers; The Musician, The Painter, The Writer and The Collector. Each pillow screenprinted on white cotton twill and measures approximately 11x13 inches. Daydreaming can be a dirty job... SO, all Sleepyheads are dry-cleanable!
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    The Prints $15 each The Sleepyheads in good ol' black & white! Each digital print measures 11x17 inches and is printed on white recycled paper. Escapists, star-gazers, lotus-eaters, and the like — feel free to rest your weary noggins here. Sleepyheads are portraits of daydreamers immortalized in pillows and pages. The new series of silk-screened cushions, digital prints, and picture books is the fruit of Christopher David Ryan’s dreamlike musings (an amazing feat considering his productivity level as an artist and graphic designer for fashion label Obedient Sons). Inspired by riders on the L train, Ryan created The Musician, The Writer, The Collector, and The Painter, simple black sketches that live in dreamy indolence and allow you to slumber on their heads. (And if you’ve been too busy snoozing to pick up some V-Day gifts for your dear pals, these should do the trick — at $35 a pop.)