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<b>M-CUPS</b> Russian Nesting Dolls are a remarkable study in the fitting together of items in a decreasing scale. Although not as aesthetically pleasing, the fitting together of kitchen dry measurement’s is also a study in decreasing scale, with <b>M-CUPs</b> the beauty of the Russian Matryoshka dolls and the making of dry measurements is united. These quite charming <b>M-CUPS accurately measure six dry measurements ¼, 1/2, 2/3, ¾, and 1 full Cup</b> and each is made from heavy duty food safe plastic. The name Matryoshka is a play on the popular peasant name in Russian during the 1890’s, the first Russian Matryoshka’s were commissioned by a wealthy industrialist and lover of the arts, and were featured at the Paris Worlds Fair (known for the building of Gustav Eiffel’s iconic tower) where the intricately decorated dolls won a bronze medal for their design. You will love the <b>M-CUPS</b> for there timeless design, and how useful they are in a kitchen. With <b>M-CUPS</b>, dolling up your kitchen is quite easy as the cups nestle together effortlessly when not in use, adding a heaping <b>measure</b> of charm to your kitchen. It is said that the first Matryoshka’s were partially inspired by the design of the famed Faberge eggs, priceless works of the most intricate detail and the pride of Russia. Add some of this same Russian culture to your kitchen with <b>M-CUPS</b> and feel like a true global citizen.