The Pink Poinsettias Floral Holiday Night Light is new for 2008 and this one gets the gold ribbon. ---- Soft, sophisticated and strikingly lovely this night light will set the decorating tone for any room or hallway this holiday season. Gift it and start a holiday tradition for someone, or keep it and start your own! ---- Colors: Pink, white, green, burgundy, gold ---- Theme: Floral, Flower, Decorative, Christmas, Holiday, Traditional, Gift Idea ---- $20.00 at www.MaidenShade.com
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    Encore's Snowberry Cuties ornaments are not only adorable, they're collectible too. Snowberry Cuties reflect our lives with whimsical ornaments that celebrate memorable events and honored professions. Snowberry Cuties are the perfect way to add a precious touch to your tree and make an ideal gift!