• 112 months ago 2bmod »

    More of a recliner than a pet bed, It's like an Eames chair for your best friend. Bent ply with a choice of veneers. Solid wood legs. Removable, washable pad. Suitable for small dogs and cats. Available in bamboo, maple, cherry, wenge or aluminum finish. 20"W x 17"D x 19"H. $ 675. Add $50 for aluminum

  • 118 months ago Finnishdesignshop »

    The PLY wall element is made of new, ultra thin birch plywood, almost see-through. The thickness of the material is 0,45 mm. This textile-like, thin plywood is attached to a solid wood frame, which again can be fixed to straight surfaces by stickers, velcro, picture hooks or screws. There are two different models of PLY, a curvy one called PLY1 and a gentle wave called PLY2. Both models come in two versions, mirror images of each other, so that the waves continue: PLY1A/PLY1B and PLY2A/PLY2B.