• 110 months ago Japanla »

    Mario sound plush. They each make different sounds when you punch them. about 7 or 8 " depending on which style.

  • 110 months ago »

    ou asked for it, and you got it. Ninjatown micro plush with loops attached so you can hang em from wherever you want (like from your belt loop). Available Nov. 30th here and at a fine retailer near you. Collect all 12 micro plush, each more rare than the next. Every one comes with character info and bonus goodies. Will you find the rarest variety?

  • 111 months ago Giantmicrobes »

    Stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes—only a million times actual size! Flesh eating disease, black death, mad cow, ebola, sleeping sickness...

  • 111 months ago Giantmicrobes »

    Give your girl or boyfriend fleas for that special occasion! (I wish I had spotted these in time for valentines day)

  • 111 months ago Monsterfactory »

    Colin divides his time between playing video games and fretting about his future - just like me. A very cute release by Monster Factory

  • 111 months ago Esthex »

    Always keeping her own childhood drawings in mind Esther Schuivens designs children’s toys, dolls and accessories with great pleasure since 2003. After graduating form the school of Arts in Maastricht in 2000, the Netherlands, Esther had several exhibitions in textile galleries. Esthex was born one Sunday afternoon while Esther got very inspired looking through her own childhooddrawings that she found in the attic of her parents house.

  • 111 months ago »

    Happy shopping from Circleback Studio. You will love these cuddly toys for the kids. Monsters - knitted in bright vibrant colors.

  • Love=Creature love to invent gadgets. Some of them work really well and some...not so much. He loves to do research on new topics and absorb all the information he can get his hands on. When he has some free time he love to play table tennis. He is made out of vintage cotton, has wool felt details and safety eyes. He is approximately 13" tall and 8" wide. Comes with a special hang tag explaining his personality traits. Made by Dawn Ramerman

  • 117 months ago »

    Ania Zelazowska. My doudous was to create for children in low-ages (but not only!) and are manufactured with materials which return them particularly pleasant to touched. They are bent hands, in single specimen, or small series, with polar wool or cotton-velour, then assembled with cotton fabrics has reasons. They are then filled with foam polyester, often found in the cushions commercial, which their make it possible to be washed out of machine with 40°.

  • 117 months ago Petiteposh »

    Hand crocheted from alpaca, wool and acrylic these cuddly moochies are the perfect little special friend for any child. Each Moochie measures approximately 12 inches tall ( piggies are 4" x 6")and best of all they are all machine washable. Pick the character that best compliments your special little one! All made by Petunia Petunia. Prices range from 36.00 - 54.00

  • 117 months ago Nonchalantmom »

    Anne Claire Petit toys and accessories are distinct in color and simplicity. I wasn't sold on them until Franny got the ball and the barbell as a gift, well she didn't stop playing with them. And I noticed that I liked to play with them too! We send the ball back and forth and back and forth for's great! All toys are made of natural fibers and some are made of cashmere for that special gift! The Anne Claire Petit collection is from the Netherlands.

  • 117 months ago Sockit2me »

    The price for a basic sock monkey (approx 19 inches long, filled with nontoxic polyfill, with sewn eyes, eyelashes and nose) made just for you is $30.00 plus $8.00 s/h in the US (add sales tax for sales in Indiana). Also, for an additional charge I am happy to "customize" a new sock monkey for you.

  • 118 months ago Japanimation »

    Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji

  • 118 months ago »

    i Ching by Vittorio Locatelli. I Ching is a very ancient book. "The book of changes" as it is called, talks about the never-ending metamorphosis of matter and events. The lion CH'IEN, the creative, the giraffe SUN, the meekness, the elephant K'UN, the sensitivity, the seal TUI, the serenity. Take down their name and vocation to change through 84 simple combinations and more. Modular wool cloth and velcro animals packed in cotton bag.

  • 118 months ago HearthSong »

    Dimple animal play pals are exceptionally adorable. All are dressed in delightful jammies patterned with their favorite nighttime snack. Our Dimple Animal Special provides a sweet blanket that matches the animals' jammies' color and a basket where they can go night-night. For ages newborn and up Available Styles Bunny Elephant Horse Puppy

  • 118 months ago »

    Material: 100% Merino Wool; polyfil stuffing

  • 119 months ago Notonthehighstreet »

    Braw Birdie Knitted Creature by Tait and Style 100% Wool bird stuffed with fleece. Comes with pom-pom feet, button eye and embroidered wing. 26cm x 22cm

  • 119 months ago »

    what is an amijuku moochie? it's a friend you take along, tell your wishes, dreams, secrets & worries to. hand crocheted of alpaca, wool & acrylic. machine washable. measures approx. 12" big LALA A world traveler that embraces all kinds of music, food & people. Has a thing for the ocean & its creatures. A true believer in making your dreams come true. dob: 10.26.68 other characters available are...flicka the monckie girl, lala the surfer girl, kiko ninja the boy warrior & of course the cute little piggies punch & coco.

  • 119 months ago »

    what is an amijuku moochie? it's a friend you take along, tell your wishes, dreams, secrets & worries to. hand crocheted of alpaca, wool & acrylic. machine washable. measures approx. 12" big KIKO A rather confused individual who likes sneaking around at night, but has the ultimate power in the universe known to man. A soldier of fortune & whit. dob: 6.13.62

  • 120 months ago Mymy »

    MY MY handmade plushies :D Too cute!

  • 120 months ago »

    We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes—only a million times actual size! The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache, Cough, Ear Ache, Bad Breath, Kissing Disease, Athlete's Foot, Ulcer, Martian Life, Beer & Bread, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating, Sleeping Sickness, Dust Mite, Bed Bug, and Bookworm. Each 5-to-7 inch doll is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe.

  • 120 months ago Nybgshopinthegarden »

    These fuzzy owls promise a lifetime of soft hugs and gentle company. Stuffed animals spark the imagination and each owl comes with its own abundance of personality. Let your child enter a world where everything is soft and cuddly. Each owl available in two sizes.

  • 120 months ago Mypapercrane »

    Poor moldy little slice of bread. See how sad he is, to have been forgotten at the back of the bread box. Now that he is covered in mold, nobody wants him! Happy Toast is a soft plush slice of toast. He is happy because he has been toasted to perfection! Don't weep or cry just because your toast is burnt. This sad little slice of toasty goodness could use some love.

  • 120 months ago »

    So you have a sweet tooth do you? You must be if your looking at one of our sugary sweet creations! Our crafty "Bakers" whip up some of the sweetest and most unique handmade goodies and art ever seen, just for you! Every item is made with extra love and attention. So here you are, just don�t forget to brush!

  • 120 months ago Tsai-fi »

    Gorgeously cute plush!