NOT ONLY IS THIS TOTALLY COOL AND AWESOME FOR CATS...WHAT AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! Catemporary Cat Tower - $250 Want a cat tower that's fun for your cat but dont have a lot of floor space? The Catemporary Cat Tower is the solution. The cat tower fits snuggly into a room's corner taking up minimal space while giving cats stepped platforms to play and sleep. - 72" high with large 10" x 21" platforms - Secures to wall with anchors to prevent tipping - Carpet on platform is replaceable Expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2009 Put your name on the waitlist to be notified when they are available Catemporary Cat Shelf - $50 each Cats want to climb the walls? Now they can with the Catemporary Cat Shelves. Each shelf supports up to 50 lbs and is offered in multiple stains. - 10" x 21" platform - Supports 50 lbs - Platform covered in carpet