Planettogs Womens Clothing Avant Garde

This innovative top showcases Gloria Coelho's signature trait of layering yards of fabric ribbon to form a structured garment. A high frilly collar caps off a double-layered polyamide vest to form a most distinct look.
  • 87 months ago Planettogs »

    These pants are insane! Made entirely of ruched taffeta, these ultra high and ultra long "leggings" are an avant-garde fashionista's answer to the bottom half. Match with an equally insane top for that "what was she wearing" photograph.

  • 87 months ago Planettogs »

    Sharp, angular bell-sleeves highlight a luscious wool blazer that incorporates uber-detailing for a striking silhouette.

  • 87 months ago Planettogs »

    For the intrepid maverick comes this uncoventional bustier. A half-moon shaped organza "corsage" rises to neck-level and fans out as a faux lapel.

  • 88 months ago Planettogs »

    One of our favorite dresses! Layered in yards of velvety polyamide, this sumptuous frock features a high collar, plunging neckline, and looped-fringe detail. According to our model, "it fits like a glove."

  • 89 months ago Planettogs »

    Part Star Trek, part Genghis Khan, this is one of our absolute favorites! Truong AnhVu took creative design to new heights with this innovative blazer. Textures, embellishments, contrasting fabrics, stitching variation, shapes,... it has it all. We proudly dub Mr. AnhVu the newest sensation in the fashion world.