Planettogs Shirt Clothes Style

A smart and stylish tweed top from Sao Paulo. Pairs with the Mini Coco skirt for a swanky, urban look.
  • 88 months ago Planettogs »

    This innovative top showcases Gloria Coelho's signature trait of layering yards of fabric ribbon to form a structured garment. A high frilly collar caps off a double-layered polyamide vest to form a most distinct look.

  • 88 months ago Planettogs »

    From Sao Paulo comes this quilted, high-collared top. The left shoulder is garnished with a myriad of plastic flowers, rosettes, and chiffon trimmings. Pairs well with almost anything. Fits snug.

  • 90 months ago Planettogs »

    Simple, classy, and virtually weightless. This almost-transparent white blouse is practically a freebie in your already-stuffed travel trunk.

  • 94 months ago Planettogs »

    A reoccurring staple in the LAC ET MEL lineup, this editted cotton blouse is perfect for the woman with a million meetings and appointments on her calendar. Made of fine batiste cotton, Gregor Clemens changed it up from past seasons by adding 12" long cuffs to highlight the puffed sleeves. Perfect with a vest and wool trousers.

  • 99 months ago Planettogs »

    Ana's signature piece from her Fall/Winter "Matador" collection! Multiple layers of cotton poplin and silk chiffon create an exaggerated short-sleeve. Silk organza box pleats cover the bodice and back and matching pearlescent diamante buttons line the placket. A truly fashion-forward approach to the traditional cotton blouse!