Peter Pan Collar White Dotted

Like those small towns in the middle of nowhere that always seem to have the best selections in their thrift stores, your wardrobe always seems to be stuffed full of the perfect vintage-inspired finds. And this silky, brown top is just one fine example! Though contemporary in its creation, this flared-cut shirt boasts retro features, like the 1960s-inspired cream lace Peter Pan collar, puffed short sleeves, and a convenient hidden back zipper, along with white, blue, and mustard polka dots that have been printed to possess a cracked and weathered appearance. Search through your closet to find a few matching pieces, like skinny blue jeans and pair of earth-toned Oxfords, and you'll be ready for a day of economy shopping!
  • 55 months ago ModCloth »

    Will you buy this Tulle raincoat because, A) the delightful pattern of tiny, tangerine orange, saffron yellow, and marshmallow white dots on dusty blue will look great with your dark wash denim and white mock turtleneck, B) the round Peter Pan collar looks lovely next to the three round buttons closing the trapeze cut, C) the roomy U-shaped hip pockets and button-tacked shoulder tabs add the perfect touch of detail, or D) all of the above? Answer - D) all of the above.