Party Favors

If you are going to a party and you want to look fab then you need at least a pair of our Purple LED earrings. If you wear these, compliments are guaranteed. What’s more? You can turn the lights on or off depending on the time and place. Just tighten or loosen the batteries to do that. These LED earrings have a brilliant crystal stone and under that is a very vivid purple LED light. So you want to impress a certain someone? Start a conversation? Or just break the ice? Wear these original Night Ice static LED light earrings for fun, even when you’re going casual. It makes you stand out among all the other girls. Wear these and we guarantee that you will be the center of attraction wherever you go. Wear Night ice static LED light earrings as crystal earrings all day and light them up anytime during the night. To do that, simple add the battery backs. Get yours today and get lit up! Original Night Ice light up earrings come in six unique colors. Check out our new flashers and multi-color flashers! LED earrings make perfect gifts.